@WeeklyTrack - A Twitter DJ

Phones displaying the Weekly Track Twitter account

Twitter users like to share their current favourite songs on the platform, so what if we could turn these posts into a communal playlist for everyone to listen to? This is when I came up with the @WeeklyTrack bot.

Inspired by services like ThisIsMyJam (RIP!) I prompted Twitter users to send the Twitter account a Spotify link. The bot would then total up all of the submissions over the week and the 30 most popular tracks would be added to a new Spotify playlist and shared with everyone.

Phones displaying the Weekly Track Twitter account

The account would also thread a shout out to each user who shared the track first so everyone could see who was the tastemaker that week.

Additionally the account constantly listens to the whole of Twitter for Spotify links through the general API and tweets out a playlist of that day's top tracks.

You can check out the account here