Remixing a Classic

SOGB Page Example

In 2014, VisitBritain teamed up with Rudimental to remix their hit song Feel the Love with iconic British sounds to launch the Sounds of Great Britain campaign. You can check out the TV ad here. In addition to the TV ad, RKCR/Y&R wanted people to be able to create their own versions of this remix. So we let them do just that with this digital experience.

The site let people choose what they would do on their "trip" to musical Great Britain. Depending on choices such as "Visit Horse Guards Parade" or "See Glorious Coastline", the video would mix in the new sounds of that new experience into the song, creating a version of the remix tailored to your ideal holiday.

With a partnership with Nokia MixRadio we were able to give the user a tailored playlist for their trip as well as an ideal itinerary for when they do choose to visit.

SOGB Homepage Screenshot

The site was launched in 10 different languages and across mobile, tablet and desktop successfully and had hundreds of thousands of visits in the opening launch week.

Check out the site here