A Baby Tracker

Phone Screens showing the Newborn Diary App

After the birth of my first child I soon realised that the doctors wanted to know every minute detail of their lives. What are the nappies like? How often are they feeding? etc. So I looked for a good way to track this.

While there are a few apps on the App Store, I was not comfortable sharing this information with an external company and a lot of them were loaded with features I did not want. So I whipped up a quick iOS app that would locally store these details and allow me to store notes on the events of those early newborn days. Ready for any Doctor queries!

The app allowed me to track nappy changes, sleep times / lengths, and feeds (Breastfeeding, bottle etc.) I released it for free on the Apple App Store soon after where it got a modest number of downloads.

You can find it on the App Store here