@ICRC #FrontlineNegotiator

Phones showing the ICRC work on Twitter

Most people know the important work that the International Red Cross does, but do they actually know what their frontline staff do and experience on a day to day basis? On Twitter we sadly saw a lot of rumours and attacks on the organisation claiming they were misusing funds and misleading people. To raise awareness and generate empathy for these frontline workers we set out to create a campaign that would allow users to experience what these workers go through.

Working with the talented team at @ICRC we came up with the #FrontlineNegotiator experience. Using a narrative that they constructed in Twine we created a program to convert the user journey into a series of inter-connected Twitter threads, creating a choose-your-own experience with hard impacting media to back up the story being told.

The response was phenomenal and resulted in the @ICRC's most engaged tweet so far with zero media spend. This also kicked off a bit of a trend with brands using similar formats to tell stories on the platform.

You can find the work here